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Apios americana

Common names: Ground Nut, Hopniss, Traveler’s Delight, White Apples Hardy to zones:  5 – 9 This is a very promising and intriguing plant. A pea family member or legume that produces very nutritious tubers (like a soybean must be cooked 1st!) with up to 3 times the protein of potatoes. It is a VIGOROUS perennial [...]

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Chrysogonum virginianum ‘Norman Singer’s Form’

Common name: Green and Gold Hardy to zones: 5 – 9 An easy native groundcover that blooms profusely in mid to late spring.  6″ to 8″ ht.Low deep green semi evergreen foliage topped with golden ray flowers. We like this form because it is a vigorous clump grower that blooms well and doesn’t run excessively. [...]

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Polygonatum biflorum ‘Giant’

Common name:  Giant Solomon’s Seal Hardy to zones:  3 – 8 This is the special form given to us by our dear friend FM Mooberry. It is a tall and elegant form that emerges later than most in the spring and is slower to increase than many other of its kin. Our stock plants grow [...]

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Spigelia marilandica

Common names: Indian Pink, Pinkroot Hardy to zones: 6 – 9 This plant is simply beautiful. Compact clumps, 18″ to 24″ bloom profusely in May and June. Likes full sun or a bright shade edge and decent drainage but is not fussy. Emerges a bit late in the spring. Self sows where happy. Excellent cut [...]

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Mertensia virginica

Common Names: Virginia Bluebells, Cowslip Hardy to zones:  4 – 9   Beautiful native springtime ephemeral.

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Asarum canadensis

Common Name: Wild Ginger Hardy to zones:  3 – 8 Great native shade groundcover with medium to deep green glossy foliage. It is deciduous and spreads happily by rhizome growth and seedling production. In prefers well drained and rich soils under deciduous shade. The charming deep red to mahogany flowers occur in April and May [...]

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