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Apios americana

Common names: Ground Nut, Hopniss, Traveler’s Delight, White Apples
Hardy to zones:  5 – 9

This is a very promising and intriguing plant. A pea family member or legume that produces very nutritious tubers (like a soybean must be cooked 1st!) with up to 3 times the protein of potatoes. It is a VIGOROUS perennial vine that will crawl and sprawl over anything it can reach, and it is not shy.  At the same time it opportunistically sends out underground stems that roam far and wide that swell into the edible tubers.Our plants came to us through the generosity of Bill Blackmon who worked on breeding and selection for many years. In late August to September here in zone 6b (southeast Pa) fragrant flower clusters emerge with numerous mahogany, brown and occasionally rose and white bi colored flowers.

Happy Hopniss or Ground Nut in Landenberg, Sept '11

Widely reported to be a staple for the native Americans and along with Helianthus tuberosus or Jerusalem Artichoke, instrumental in promoting early pilgrim’s survival in New England in the early colonial period.

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Quart pots and dormant tubers in February and March '13