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Stachys affinis

Common names:  Mint root, Chinese artichoke, Crosnes
Hardy to zones:  5 – 8

This is a strong growing, sometimes aggressive medium height perennial culinary herb and medicinal plant. It likes moist soil but is quite at home in most any average garden soil. It produces sprawling mint family foliage with deep pink to mauve flower spikes to 18” in mid and late summer. The edible tubers that can be pickled, stir fried or eaten raw in a bean summer salad. Mint root will grow to nearly 2’ tall and is hardy to zone 5.  Stachys’ tubers can be found in markets and sometimes on restaurant menus called by its french name, crosnes, pronounced “crone”.  Crosnes have a crisp, refreshing and nutty flavor similar to jicama and water chestnut. They can be dug any time during the fall and winter when they’re dormant.

We ship the tubers in March and April and they can be planted directly in the ground.

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3" pots and bareroot in season.