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About Us

I chose the name “Green Light Plants” because I wanted to develop this project as a hopeful beacon. To be an encouraging example of an enterprise that goes beyond sustainable- on to regenerative. I know it’s possible for one to make a living growing plants in ways that are a plus for all of creation; water, air, energy systems, human communities and living economies. I greatly appreciate your support on this journey.

All plants are grown with certified ( organic, peat free potting soil, lately with the addition of biochar to the mix, with only healthy and organic inputs, in re-useable, durable and returnable deep pots, no heat or fossil energy are used in production. All are grown outside and are well acclimated to our climate and ready for their new homes in local and regional gardens. All of our plants are “free” that is they are open source, free for anyone to propagate or distribute as they wish, no patents or trademarks apply.

What do we grow? At this early stage all of the plants offered are potted and in the sizes listed in the availability. As things grow and change we want to keep both the frugal gardener and the wholesale customer in mind. We’re looking at offering seeds, divisions and rooted cuttings of some of our plants at times of the year when a successful outcome is most likely. Stay tuned and please feel free to request this service.

The list consists primarily of 3 overlapping groups of plants, mostly perennials, brambles and shrubs and a few trees along these lines:

  1.  Local open pollinated (unimproved species or plants “as is”) natives from local and regional sources.
  2. Good garden and landscape natives from the eastern and central US. Some vegetatively propagated selections and some species.
  3. Plants for Permaculture gardens and guilds:  Edibles, perennial vegetables, dynamic accumulators, pollinator attractors, brambles, herbs and groundcovers.

The plant list will also evolve as time goes by. Many plants and indeed groups of plants are under development and evaluation. We welcome your suggestions.  For more about what’s currently under production or in the gardens please visit: www.greenlightplants/ourplants.pdf

And for a more specific look at what we have available at any time please visit:

We’re small wholesale and request that folks order a whole tray of an item and a $100 minimum order also applies. If you want less and we have time available to assemble it the price will be twice the price listed in the availability. This is not meant to be unfriendly or as a barrier but as a way for us to make the economics work out.

We’re also exploring partnering with local and regional organizations and events that will help make Green Light Plants more easily accessible to the public.