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Guiding principles

Landscape with Shadow- RIP- the King of Dogs!!


1.            Sustainability- We strive to be completely renewable in our energy flows, materials, infrastructure and distribution system to the highest extent possible. Currently we grow all of our plants either outside or in an unheated greenhouse, Electricity for the house and office are 100% renewable and about 50% produced here with our PV electric array. We mulch our plants with our own shredded leaves, saving watering and weeding work and energy.

2.            Organics- We use organic soils, sprays, fertilizers, etc with the vision of a place where any of God’s creations can thrive in a healthy and joyful environment.

3.            Fairness- We pay a fair and generous wage and provide a pleasant, safe and stimulating working environment for all employees, interns and contractors.

4.            “Free” Plants- No patented or trademarked items. All plants are grown with the “creative commons” concept where all can grow and propagate them freely.

5.            Frugality- We strive to reuse all things we can, to avoid debt, and to grow slowly and thoughtful. We concentrate on superior quality, service and new crop evaluations and trials.

6.            Open/educational/cooperative;Want to know something about how, what or why we do what we do?? Ask. We’re more than happy to share our propagation techniques, genetic and provenance information, suppliers and other  information freely.

7.            Environmental Values: we strive at all times and in all of our practices to protect and enhance diverse plant communities. Some limited sustainable harvest of select thriving and common plants are needed from time to time to establish and renew plant stocks. Please inquire for more information.

8.            Community Values- We are members of 2 regional networks of the Business Alliance for Living Local Economies ( and and yearly contribute to these and other local and regional nonprofits.

For more about these principles and our journey, choices and learning about how to live by their guidance please visit: www.greenlightplants/aboutus/faq