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Links and friends


Get acquainted with the Susquehanna Farm School and our buddy Brandon Tennis, a certified permaculturist and an outdoor educator. He teaches children and adults through experiential learning in natural landscapes.   Check out his upcoming classes and Permaculture Design Certificate Courses.


StellaLou Farm: where they live, work and grow love.  Our buddy, Michaelann Velicky, is starting a new farm project at the former Birthright Farm in Chester County, PA (now, StellaLou Farm).  Artie Yeatman donated that land to the School of Living years ago and, now, StellaLou is working with the School of Living (SoL) to take it on as one of their Community Land Trust properties.  They have beautiful dreams and visions for the land – please check out StellaLou‘s website and get in touch.


Learn about our Lancaster buddy, teacher, musician, father and human being extraordinaire, Benjamin Weiss. Ben is a certified permaculture designer and teacher and teaches workshops and courses in Lancaster and Chester Counties.  Ben teaches regular permaculture courses at Pendle Hill, a school rooted in Quaker community life.


Learn more about a food forest project going on in Downingtown, Pennsylvania at Paradise Farm Camps.  Our friend and collaborator Mollie Caitlin Brigid, permaculture enthusiast and educator now heads this project at the camp. This young food forest in Chester County is destined to be an educational garden for children of all ages.
Paradise Food Forest Garden


Check out Aaron Guman’s permaculture blog!!  Aaron is a native to Chester County, an experienced permaculture designer & installer, plant grower and is now based out of Northfield, Vermont.  Aaron is certified in permaculture design and a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild.
Aaron Guman Permaculture


Eric Toensmeier, permaculture enthusiast, has come and taught several workshops at Green Light Plants and has an excellent website called Perennial Solutions, that is a must read for anyone working with agro-ecosystems and interested in permaculture. Eric is the author of many award-winning books and articles, an enthusiastic educator and teaches many workshops and presentations around the U.S., and has a permaculture consulting practice.