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How to order

My first suggestion is to take a look at the availability. This will address the current status of the plants we grow. There you will see the # of trays available now, when more are expected and hopefully how many. It is updated with a thorough plant inventory at least once a month and corrected often as plants are ordered and go to their new homes.

Our Plants is a listing of all of the plants we grow, and this being the real world everything changes all of the time. We do our best to have a good crop, available for a good enough time to a variety of our customers of all the plants we grow every year. For best results order plants that are currently listed as available or order few months to ½ a year ahead.

We love it when our customers let us know exactly what they want well ahead of time and we can grow the plants they want. Because we have no heated space and mostly grow outside our production season is March thru September. During that large window we can do our best to accommodate your orders.

Terms: Unless other arrangements have been made payment is due upon receipt of the plants. All prices are FOB Landenberg, Pa 19350. This means that prices quoted do not include shipping or delivery charges.

Shipping/Delivery: We are building a small local and regional business. We are not set up to box up and ship our plants long distances. We love it when our customers arrange in advance to pick up. It is critical to communicate well on as we are only open by appointment and there are times when no one is here! Depending on the size and timing of the order we will work at delivering your order for a reasonable charge.

We’re small wholesale- We’re looking to serve restoration and Permaculture designers, parks, public gardens and gardeners, Conservation organization societies and plant sales. We kindly ask that customers order a whole tray as a minimum of an item… If you want less than a full flat or tray of an item it will be 2x the price.

All plants are grown with certified ( organic peat free potting soil, with only organic inputs, in re-useable, durable or returnable deep pots, no heat or fossil energy are used in production, All are grown outside and are well acclimated to our climate and ready for their new homes in local and regional gardens. All of our plants are “free” that is they are open source, free for anyone to propagate, distribute, no patents or trademarks apply.

How to contact us. E-mail thru the contact us form of the website or directly at: also works well. The telephone is another option 610-633-7637.